- Kalyug - 2005 - Modern Era - With English Subtitles


Uploaded On 11 Mei 2013

- Kalyug (English: Modern Era ) - For subtitles click CC in the video player

- Bollywood thriller film based on the pornographic film industry. The film depicts the devastating effect that non-consensual porn films have on the subjects, and discourages such illegal porn.

- The story follows Kunal and Renuka, a happy-living couple on their first honeymoon. During their first intimate night together, porn-website creator Simi Roy (Amrita Singh) and her partner Johny (Ashutosh Rana) record them and turn them into porn-stars. Renuka can't take the embarrassment and commits suicide. Kunal is then arrested by police for illegal porn online. Kunal proves himself innocent, and teams up with his friend Ali (Emraan Hashmi) a modern-day punk, to find clues and to take down Simi Roy and Johny and take revenge for Renuka's murder.

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